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Mobile businesses work on the strategy to cater to agencies and other working alliances to keep the check and balance with the interaction of Karimi groups of companies. M-business is solely dedicated to the new working models that target Pamir Telecom LLC.

Our Mobile Business department works with the newest trends and technologies in the market to provide our customers with utmost satisfaction. The widespread implementation of essential mobile and telecommunication connectivity and gadgets (for example, Bluetooth, e-purses, smartphones, UMTS, and WAP) as well as the fundamental movement of most individuals’ employment methods and lifestyles allow innovative business models. The business model of our m-business is that it allows users to access content and data anywhere at any time.

Our team works hard with numerous agencies to get the best product available to our customers, and provided them with the opportunity to continue all their daily dealings no matter where they are.

In today’s rapidly changing world, full of newer and advanced technologies, life is much faster than it was a few years ago. Our m-business platform allows users from all over the globe to get their hands on the technological supplies to carry out any transaction, negotiations, production or delivery of products and services with a few clicks on their mobile.

Our main purpose is to help our customers shift their everyday tasks online and to provide them with the needed technology for the automation of business responsibilities like carrying out day to day purchases from a secure location. They enable personnel to be more productive at work. Employees can react to enquiries more swiftly, eliminate delays caused by manual data input and extraction, and influence judgments based on prior knowledge if they have vital data at their disposal. The m-business industry accounts for the majority of the present need for portable and cellular technologies.

The following are examples of the most popular m-business systems in use nowadays:

  1. Mobile office:

Business collaboration software systems, such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes, interact with virtual workplace applications to give rapid accessibility to corporate material such as emails, appointments, project schedules, and contact lists. For several mobile workers, accessibility to these tools has now become a must.

  1. Field Sales

Among the most valuable resources a retail business may have is up to date information. Possessing instant accessibility to content while dealing with a client can frequently mean the distinction between completing the transaction and not.

  1. Field service

Field service is a great option for smart phones due to its orientation. Job-related statistics, such as client service records, inventory tracking, operational requirements, and details on maintenance practices, can ultimately help professionals be more efficient. Additionally, while techs are on the road, details on client complaints and scheduling modifications can be transmitted to them.

  1. Transportation and logistics

Supplying a mobile workstation to warehouse workers lets freight and distribution companies to keep track of shipments, fulfilled checks, parcel categories, and vehicle positions. Furthermore, delivery men can obtain cellular assignments and react promptly, resulting in increased efficiency and client contentment.

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ROYAL GATE Hypermarket is the store where you find your desired product right away. The variety and quality are ensured, so you have no reason to be concerned about it. The wide range of products with the expansive retail facility comes as a dream come true.

We have a vast hypermarket complex that sells a broad range of things, including electronics, apparel, and consumables. Our Hypermarket provides a one-stop shopping solution for customers. The concept underlying this big box store is to supply customers with all of their needs in one location.

In a hypermarket, goods are sold at slightly cheaper costs, which motivates many people to shop there. These retailers carry things at a lower cost than other businesses in the same field.

Our market is a customer eye-catcher, not just because of the numerous products available, but also due to the interior of the place. Customers can shop everything they need from under the same roof, and so it’s no surprise that our hypermarket is a huge success.  If you have a hypermarket close, a trip to the store that would ordinarily take you to a market and drugstore as well as many other merchants such as a garment, electronics, gadgets, and household furnishing store could be done in one smooth stroke.

We offer goods ranging from electronic supplies like heaters, juicers, washing machines; to grocery items like confectionaries, bread, etc.

This allows our customers to shop all their desired items from the same place, and due to the nature of our business, at much lower rates than they would in other stores and supermarkets.

Another bonus for the regular shopper is that these huge retailers' mass buying power often translates to reduced pricing, which are subsequently carried on to the client. Meaning, that customers can purchase the items they need at a much lower cost and in bulk, without any further hassle!

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The food and restaurants by Karimi groups of companies complement the entire giant's business sector.

You have a vast choice of menu to choose from with dishes ranging from Chinese, to Italian, to everyday food items. All or food items are prepared fresh and by world-class chefs with customer satisfaction being our top most priority.

In today’s world it’s hard to find a place that offers everything under the safe roof, however, with the help of our amazing culinary experts, and supporting team, we prepare the best continental and subcontinental food for our customers.

In addition to this, the customer’s needs and wants are highly kept in mind while preparing the food. To continuously serve delicious meals, you'll need high-quality components and an expert cook. A professional chef is aware of your visitors' preferences and collaborates effectively with the kitchen staff to guarantee that customer receives their meals exactly as they requested.

For example, people with allergies to certain food items can easily reach out to our culinary team and direct them upon how they like their food to be prepared. It can be said with great assurity, that the customer would not be disappointed and get the most fulfilling and delicious meal they’ve had.

Our food is made to taste like home, with the best techniques and materials used by our spectacular chefs. The food we provide is unlike any other and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Furthermore, at Karimi group, you will feel no need to investigate or ask about our health standards. We make sure that the fool is prepared under strict hygienic precautions, our kitchens are up to the health mark, and our chefs use the necessary equipment to keep the meals as healthy and clean as possible.

This can clearly be seen by the standards of our restaurant. Cleanliness is always kept in mind and customers never feel the need to complain about out hygiene policies when dining at our restaurants.

We have a set of friendly hotel staff that compliment largely to the whole experience for our guests. Our staff is always there to help you out wherever need be and provide you with the food and service that you desire. Your preferences are always considered in our restaurant and our customers never leave the place unsatisfied.

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