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About Karimi Group of companies

Karimi Group of companies is one of the oldest group of companies in UAE and has been since 2005. The Group is one of the leading business groups for the electronics wholesale business in the region. The companies are present in Dubai Airport Free-zone and Diera whole sale electronics market Dubai, UAE. Pamir and Saqar ul Sama Telecom are present in Diera electronic wholesale market and Lithium, Mobile Doctorz and Ok Telecom are present in Dubai Airport Free-zone having large warehouses as well.

We are pretty well-known for our superior and seamless innovation in each branch. Having in depth understanding of the market and needs of the customers we have been very much successful in providing exceptional services to our B2B customer which we consider them as our channel partners.

The group of companies’ joint and interlinked companies create the foundation for easy business-to-customer interaction. The traditional approach with the most up to the mark makes Karimi groups of companies instantly outshine the rest.


Our Special Services

Boldman has 10+ years of experience with providing wide area of specialty services works listed below.


Fully tested phones are available in all grades and capacities. Experience affordability and reliability with our wide range of used/pre-owned phones, meticulously tested to ensure optimum performance.

Brand New Phones

Wide range of new products are available in good quantity with amazing prices. Discover and elevate your mobile experience with our brand new phones at unbeatable prices.


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